Tron Tournament Results

Published on Dec 16 at 10:35 PM
Ani Sun21.01781.8601657517233
Bottie 2.021.01777.8853844131195
SELECT *20.51759.0785418587327
GOAT BOT18.01707.925401439686
JINX bot17.51697.1980992425877
Dub Bot17.01692.032894554528
Box Theory17.01685.7231986427316
Alita: Battle Angel17.01678.561578831914
Edited by WILL SHORTZ16.51669.640588625867
Thayer St. Motorcycle14.51619.9062049326242
no lecture no problem13.01589.621241752766
Dreaming of Electric Sheep3.51363.3972044212383
bruh moment2.51338.0128386287922
code monkey knows all0.51297.491590371159

Welcome to CS 1410!

CS1410 is an introductory course to the field of Artificial Intelligence, including knowledge representation and algorithms for search, optimization, planning, logical and probabilistic reasoning, and machine learning. We're gonna teach you how to teach computers common sense! Prerequisites to CS1410 include (CSCI 0160, 0180 or 0190) and (CSCI 0220, 1450, 0450, APMA 1650 or 1655) or minimum score of WAIVE in 'Graduate Student PreReq'. This course is taught by Professor George Konidaris. Students interested in taking CS1410 as a capstone course should email George at


9/9 Introduction; Agents and Agenthoodpdflink
9/14 Searchpdflink
9/16 Game Theorypdflink
9/21 Adversarial Searchpdflink
9/23 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (Logic)pdflink
9/28 Uncertain Knowledge and Bayes' Rule pdflink
9/30 Bayesian Networks pdflink
10/5 Hidden Markov Models pdflink
10/7 Robot Motion Planning pdflink
10/12 Classical Planningpdflink
10/14 Probabilistic Planning pdflink
10/19 Reinforcement Learning pdflink
10/21 Reinforcement Learning II pdflink
10/26 Supervised Learning pdflink
10/28 Supervised Learning II pdflink
11/2 Unsupervised Learning pdflink
11/4 Unsupervised Learning II pdf
11/9 Natural Language Processing pdflink
11/16 Natural Language Processing pdf
11/18 Robotics pdf
11/29 The Philosophy of AI pdf


All projects are in Python and due at 11:59pm Eastern on the listed date. Before each project (besides the install assignment) you have two opportunities to receive results from our hidden tests. For instance, if you submit your code for Search to the 'Search (First Submission)' assignment on Gradescope before the listed Submission 1 deadline, you will receive your grade from our autograder once the deadline passes (this includes both visible and hidden tests, though you will not be able to see what the hidden tests are). This is the same autograder that will be used on the Final Submission of the same project. The deadline for the written portion of each project is always one day after the final code deadline. You are granted 3 late days for all (not each) projects. Read more about the grading policy in the Resources section.

ProjectReleaseSubmission 1 Due DateSubmission 2 Due DateFinal Code Due DateWritten Part Due Date
Install AssignmentSept 9Sept 12N/ASept 14N/A
SearchSept 15Sept 20Sept 22Sept 24Sept 25
Adversarial SearchSept 25Sept 29Oct 1Oct 4Oct 5
KRROct 5Oct 7Oct 9Oct 13Oct 14
HMMOct 13Oct 21Oct 25Oct 29Oct 30
Reinforcement LearningOct 30Nov 4Nov 6Nov 8Nov 9
Supervised LearningNov 10N/AN/ANov 22Nov 23
TronOct 13TBDTBDOct 18TBD


In person TA Hours are held at the CIT Room 205. TA Hours will be available for remote students, times TBD!


George (Prof.)

gdk (he/him)
I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Favorite arcade game: Tetris, obvs.

Jinwoo C (HTA)

jchoi38 (he/him)
I am a senior from Korea. I still don't feel like I know anything about AI.
Favorite arcade game: Super Mario

Rachel M (HTA)

rma20 (she/her)
I'm a Junior from Toronto doubling in CS and music! You'll find me running to and from the CIT and the music buildings!
Favorite arcade game: Space Invaders

Bowen H

bhe13 (he/him)
Coming from a northwestern city of China. Like reading, swimming and playing table tennis.
Favorite arcade game: Street Fighter

Edward T

etan13 (he/him)
I'm from Seattle and did undergrad at UWashington. I'm also a nationally competitive powerlifter (USPA standards).
Favorite arcade game: Pinball

Hyuk Ahn

hahn19 (he/him)
I'm a masters student from Korea. I love playing gaming, making games, and swimming.
Favorite arcade game: Pac-Man

Jason C

jcrowle5 (he/him)
I'm a senior from Newton, MA. I like to play Smash Bros. and board games like Codenames with friends!
Favorite arcade game: Pac-Man

Jason G

jgong15 (he/him)
Hello there, I'm Jason (G, distinct from C!)! I am a Senior from the suburbs of NYC studying CS and APMA-ECON.
Favorite arcade game: Air Hockey

Kevin L (STA)

klu25 (he/him)
Hello, I’m c/o 2024 and I’m from New Orleans. I like to go to the gym, rock climbing, and listen to music.
Favorite arcade game: Tetris

Kunj P

kpadh (he/him)
Hi! I'm a senior concentrating in CS-Econ from Somerset, NJ. I enjoy reading, traveling, and playing video games.
Favorite arcade game: Pac-Man

Neil R

nramasw2 (he/him)
I'm a junior from San Francisco, CA. I'm studying CS. I love playing jazz and using Typescript!
Favorite arcade game: Space Invaders

Omer D

odai (he/him)
Hi! I'm a CS master's student from İstanbul. I like to listening to music and going to the gym.
Favorite arcade game: Tetris

Parker L

pljung (he/him)
I'm a senior from Chicago studying CS-Econ. I like to play soccer, draw Pokemon, and read.
Favorite arcade game: Dance Dance Revolution

Paul K

I am from upstate NY and for hobbies enjoy road trips, camping, and national parks.
Favorite arcade game: Cruis'n USA

Phunn B

pbooncho (he/him)
I'm a senior from Thailand, concentrating in CS and Econ. I love listening to music and watching series!!!
Favorite arcade game: Pac-Man, Mario Bros.

Rena J

rjiang6 (she/her)
Hi! I'm a junior from Shanghai studying CS and vis arts.
Favorite arcade game: Snake

Thien N

tnguye99 (he/him)
Hi, I’m a senior studying Computer Science. I was born in Quy, Nhon, but I grew up in Dallas, TX.
Favorite arcade game: Street Fighter

Wangsen T

wtian8 (he/him)
Hi! I'm a master's student from Chongqing, China. I enjoy badminton and video games!
Favorite arcade game: The King of Fighters